About Us

Our history

Innovation, technology, and a clear strategic vision – these are the driving forces that emerge from 30 years in real estate. They're also the reason we’ve developed over 50 projects so far.

Our approach is refined. Our focus is clear: we want to create long-term value for our investors and the communities they impact.

Our mission

We aim to transform the real estate sector to match the demand arising from the new paradigm of life, leisure and work.

We have a genuine global reach combined with deep, local knowledge relating to our target markets.

Our core drivers

Glenwell Group's work is led by core drivers that represent how we want our business to develop and how we design the processes that guide our projects:

Innovation is one of our main driving forces. By adopting an out-of-the-box approach, we generate new technologies; bold ideas and ground-breaking ways of thinking that allow us to deliver the best solutions for our cities and our clients. Our path in real estate lets us break conventional patterns. We constantly strive to foster an innovative mind-set that drives us to redefine the future of real estate.

Championing innovation and pioneering smart urbanism, we provide new solutions for the ever-evolving needs of people and contemporary life. Our vision of urban transformation is connected to understanding society's evolution. We're always seeking to achieve a positive impact on people and the environment, creating long-lasting value for communities and our stakeholders.

We aim to make our work meaningful to both business and society. That's why we're focused on creating value from a wide perspective. Through developing solid, quality-driven projects, we add value to communities, rethinking cities with an innovative approach. With a highly entrepreneurial perspective, we generate value for our partners and investors, finding new ways to enhance our processes with creative thinking and innovative solutions that translate into profitable projects and sustained business growth.

Our brands

At Glenwell Group we work with specialists and talented professionals to create places for the future. Only by undertaking the wide range of projects that we do, can we add value to the communities that we live in and transform the real estate market.


Development experts in urban renewal

Groveworld breathes life into underutilised sites, transforming them into aspirational places to live and work.

With an uncompromising eye for detail and an unrivalled reputation for delivering aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscientious spaces, Groveworld re-imagines the urban landscape.


years of planning, construction and development


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A co-living operator for a globally connected community

In an increasingly connected world, people have a thirst for new experiences in new cities, refusing to be tied down. Whether on short or extended visits, Nova Club offers centrally located, perfectly presented and functional accommodation in London.

Our building managers have deep local knowledge and act as concierges for our customers ensuring exemplary service from the initial moment of contact. More than just great flats, these are homes that fit your lifestyle.





Leaders in airspace development

At SkyLiving, we are pioneering the evolution of our cities’ skylines through stylish rooftop housing. As experts in Airspace Development, we manage the entire process from start to finish, to ensure our vision for the future of urban space becomes a reality.

Our mission is to create a new generation of elegant, sustainable housing. As part of the Glenwell Group we have the expertise, resource and experience to succeed in our mission. One innovative, sustainable and stylish rooftop at a time, we’re committed to bringing our vision to life.


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Our team

Glenwell Group has a team of experienced and talented professionals working on a wide range of specialities related to the real estate business.

The delivery teams within each of the core brands are dynamic with a distinctly international outlook and involve specialists in design, construction, management, and finance.

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